About Us

Mission Statement

Grandma’s Hands’ mission is to serve and service the senior members of our communities, increase community oversight and help improve their overall quality of life

About Grandma’s Hands

Grandma’s Hands is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization whose mission is to serve and service the senior members of our community. Established in 2012, Grandma’s Hands objective it to assist senior citizens, whom we lovingly call “seasoned” citizens with identifying and securing services within their communities to make that transition into the third phase of their lives and independent living as seamless and manageable as possible. With programs like Grandma’s Rolling Closet, we bring clothing, both new and slightly used, to senior centers so as to alleviate the hustle and bustle of department store shopping while allowing our seniors to shop within the budgetary constraints of a fixed income; or Grandma’s Angels where high-school and college age youth give a few hours a month on a weekend to assist with ordinary household chores and errands that may seem simple, but mean the world to an older person who may be living with physical limitations and no other assistance. It is our goal to assist our grandma’s and grandpa’s, who so willingly loved and supported us throughout our lives and made those growing pains much easier; enjoy the latter part of their lives with the same love and support.